Greatest Video Ever! Errant superstar Justin Bieber, who as of late has made more headlines for smoking, reckless driving and going shirtless than for his music, is in on the joke!

He proved that when he allowed actor/comedian Zach Galifianakis to whip his butt -- literally!

The singer participated in this brilliant Funny or Die skit, serving as the guest on Galifianakis' hilariously awkward interview show 'Between Two Ferns.' Not only was The Biebs grilled about what it's like to be cocky, he was the recipient of a beating.

Clearly, The Biebs has a sense of humor about his station in life. The interview is purposefully awkward, where the singer gives off a vacant, distant stare and answers questions with single syllable responses.

In between asking The Biebs about who he is dating and how his hair factors into his music, Galifianakis takes off his belt and administers a beating.

It was the comedian who attempted to right The Biebs' wrongs and to force him to repent for his indiscretions.

It's been a rough week for Da Biebs and his rump. First, he loses his pants. Then gets a beating.

We'd love to see Biebs team up with Galifianakis and the rest of the Wolf Pack for another 'The Hangover' sequel. The Biebs could take out Leslie Chow in a heartbeat... we think!