Justin Bieber's low-rider pants dropped a little too low when the singer hit Heathrow Airport in London on April 23. The Biebs accidentally showed off black underwear-covered rump as he hopped into a car. A word of wisdom, Biebs: Buy pants that fit, bro.

Trigger-fingered paparazzi quickly snapped shots of the 'Boyfriend' singer's derriere, as his trousers were low and the butt was in full view. You can see the shape and even the cheeks. This is certainly a bookmark-worthy photo for the Belieber faithful. There will be no complaints about such an image from the ladies that scream their heads off at the site of Da Biebs.

As far as shots of a celeb's private parts go, this is G-rated. He doesn't show any skin at all and it's his behind, not his front, which is a totally different story.

It's like seeing The Biebs in swim trunks. It's not like the commando crotch shots of yore when the likes of Britney and Paris often flashed the cameras with a little something extra, inadvertently or not.