Justin Bieber had to dash to hopes of Virginia teen Cady Eimer, who launched a lengthy campaign to get the Biebs to be her prom date. The digital age, seriously, is a miracle, since a young girl's desire to be squired by the singer actually made it all the way up the ladder to him. But while Cady's wish was not granted and the 'Boyfriend' singer could not accompany her to prom, Bieber offered one helluva consolation prize: an invite to tonight's 2012 Billboard Music Awards.

Cady had been hoping to arrive at her prom on JB's arm since February of 2011. She went without him, obviously, since he had other commitments, but a video message featuring her hero speaking directly to her played at the big dance, as he extended the invite to her and her sister to be his date at the Las Vegas event. O to the M to the G.

In the vid, Biebs, in a plain white tee and gold bling around his neck, is seated when he announces he is looking for Cady. It looks like his dad Jeremy is in the background, shouting Cady's name. We're not sure if it is Papa Biebs, but it sorta looks like him.

The Biebs reveals he will have a car waiting so Cady can accompany him to the awards. He apologizes for missing her prom, since he had this previous engagement, but it's the next best thing, right?

Um, no. It's better. While having Bieber come to her prom is cool, since her friends could gawk at him in the flesh, heading out to a celeb, star-studded event on his arms is almost unreal.

The fact that his GF Selena Gomez is out of the country and filming means he was in need of a date. Good timing and a lucky girl.

Have fun Cady!

And, of course, the Biebs closed out the video saying, "Swag," his new signature phrase.

Watch Justin Bieber Invite Teen to 2012 Billboard Music Awards