Justin Bieber's chromed-out Fisker Karma is his most famous set of wheels. They are the ones he was driving when he was chased by the paparazzi on the 101 in Los Angeles in July, which led to ticketing and harassment charges that are currently being disputed. The car is anything but inconspicuous, but it's also been sidelined. The Biebs is not allowed to drive it. Why not?

Well, the back license plate has gone MIA and now one knows where the hell it went.

TMZ reports that a property manager noticed that the plate was missing while working at the Bieb's Calabasas crib. The manager then reported the missing plate to the L.A. County Sheriff, since it is a serious matter. The Biebs cannot drive the vehicle sans a back license plate, so the car is technically not street legal. For now.

Whether the plate was stolen or if it fell off has yet to be determined.

Who would want to commit such an offense against the Biebs' sweet set o' wheels? Perhaps someone who totes a camera for a living?

Just sayin'!

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