Justin Bieber and James Corden recreated that ol'Carpool Karaoke magic on the Late Late Show last night (November 19), and we're so glad they did.

The clip opens with James in his ride, pleading with a buddy on the phone to come be his carpool-lane copilot. That buddy, of course, is Justin Bieber, and the two go for a karaoke-filled ride and a chat between songs.

"Who named your fans the Beliebers? Was it a fan or was it you?" the last night host asks as they zip down the street.

"I just remember it just being a thing from the start," Justin says. "Bieber fever," he adds, referring to the affliction that's only spread further since the release of his latest album, Purpose.

James asks if Bieb's "ready to kick it old school" before they both passionately launch into "Never Say Never," Justin's theme from The Karate Kid remake featuring bars from the movie's star Jaden Smith. Justin flashes a peace sign at a paparazzi snapping photos of him in the passenger seat, and they critique the invasive photographer's outfit before moving on to his own penchant for dress-like long shirts.

The sketch's highlight indisputably comes comes around the 2:40 mark, when "What Do You Mean?" fades in and Justin gets James to join him in an excellent human wave that builds into some weird undulations and Alien-like stomach pops.

"I don't know what you're doing," James says, attempting to mimic the the singer's moves.

"I don't know either but it feels so right!" Justin responds amid a genuine burst of hysterical laughter.

Then, like any two people who are in a hurry to commute in the carpool lane, they take each other shopping.

Watch the video above to see Justin rock a beret with a glittery blue and green number, rap along to Kanye West and lightly tussle with his buddy James.