First, he catches flack for signing the Anne Frank Museum guest book, saying that he felt the Holocaust victim would have been a Belieber. Now, Justin Bieber is being criticized for another "cultural gaffe." He visited the Great Wall of China on Monday (Sept. 30) and made his bodyguards carry him up the steps. Diva? Lazy? Both?

The photo sees The Biebs sitting on the shoulders of two members of his security detail. So, yeah, he was on the shoulders of giants, so to speak.

Granted, that behavior may not offend Chinese people, but it has stirred up a lot of chatter on the Internets, that's for sure.

Some Beliebers thought that The Biebs being carried was cute and funny. Others felt that it was an instance of major divadom on his part.

Maybe The Biebs was tired when scaling the steps. Maybe he wasn't feeling well. Maybe his bodyguards wanted to carry him? We don't know. The jury is out for us.

We will, however, point out that The Biebs does make an effort to visit major historically significant places and culturally relevant locations while on tour. Many of his peers party when on the road and that's it. He's actually absorbing the local culture and seeing parts of history.

See the new King of Pop being hoisted above his bodyguards at the site in the Twitter photo below.