What is going on with The Biebs? First he gets all cocky while rapping on 'Ladies Love Me,' a song on Chris Brown's mixtape. Now, Bieber has been spotted in L.A. wearing a Cee Lo Green t-shirt bearing not one, but two cuss words.

J.B. indirectly spouted two F-bombs with his inspired ensemble, and proving that the pop music world is just so incestuous!

TMZ posted a video of a baseball-cap-wearin' Biebs grabbing a slice of pizza and a Vitamin Water while donning a turquoise blue t-shirt which bore the phrase 'F--- You' and 'F--- Her Too.' It's obviously a Cee Lo shirt and even sports his name on it.

But we can't exactly crucify The Biebs for wearing the cuss-laden t-shirt of a fellow popstar. No, it's not exactly good business, nor is it good for his image or his status as role model who has tons of young kids who look up to him as their hero, but boys will be boys. And it's just a word. Well, two.

Have you noticed that The Biebs seems to be acting out against his squeaky clean image as of late? His new mixtape cut with Brown is full of ballsy bragging -- and Brown has a battered reputation, since he isn't exactly known for being cool, calm and collected, especially when the paparazzi are shoving cameras in his face. So Bieber might get a little "guilty by association" flack for working with Breezy. We just hope that the 'Baby' singer doesn't go too far with this rebellious act. It might come back to bite him in the a--.

As long as there are no more "baby daddy" rumors popping up, we'll forgive The Biebs for his potty-mouth t-shirt.