Justin Bieber may have released a song (called 'Turn to You') that he wrote for his mother Pattie Mallette as a Mother's Day gift, but he won't be spending the day with her.

Sadly, The Biebs will be out of the country. While a song is a pretty sweet consolation prize, where and how will The Biebs celebrate Mother's Day? "I am not going to be with her," he said. "That's going to suck. I am going to be out of the country."

Out of the country? You know who else is out of the country? His lady love Selena Gomez, who is filming the remake of 'The Getaway' in Bulgaria. Perhaps he is flying out to see Sel? That'd make him quite a good boyfriend.

During this interview with Extra, he had just wrapped his debut perf of 'Boyfriend' on 'The Voice' and admitted that he "missed a few dance moves." But he also assessed his status as a boyfriend, saying, "I am pretty good boyfriend. It's hard to be a good boyfriend. You have to be sweet, loving, caring. Don't be rude to your girl." Swag, swag, swag.

He wouldn't share the most romantic thing he has ever done, reasoning that "I can't give away all my secrets. I can't do that. Other guys will know my romantic things. I wrote a song about how to be a good boyfriend." Other dudes can't crib his romantic strategies and tactics, because he's keeping them in the vault.

He also admitted that he he isn't going to make like Britney (who is ready to ink with 'X Factor') and join a reality show judging panel since, "I don't have time for anything like that like, maybe, not anytime soon."

The Biebs also shared one of his major fears and we'll five you a hint. They live in the ocean and they can eat you. That's right, sharks! He has swam in the ocean, but doesn't love it because he fears maneaters.

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