'Change Me' is the ninth of 10 #MusicMondays tracks from Justin Bieber. It's a two-and-a-half minute piano ballad that features a delicate key melody that runs under The Biebs' voice.

The connective tissue between this and all tracks in the #MusicMondays series is the fact that it's an elegy to a love lost; The Biebs is struggling to figure out who he is and what went wrong in his romance.

It's a stripped bare, soulful song, and The Biebs once again makes effective use of his falsetto range.

The song doesn't feel fully formed. But that's actually to his (and the song's) credit. It comes across as raw and off the cuff, like something he whipped up while sitting at a piano and feeling particularly inspired and creative. It's extremely organic.

The influence of his mentor Usher is felt here, thanks to the vocal heights he soars to during a few parts of the song with the falsetto. He doesn't have nearly the same range as the R&B crooner --not even close. But he definitely has the heights in his sights.

He laments, "Maybe you can be the light / That opens up my eyes," and it appears to be super autobiographical, since he has been criticized so much lately for his actions and for his behavior. Despite its melancholic tone, the song feels hopeful, like The Biebs is ready for a second chance and isn't afraid to ask for it. That's ballsy, especially when doing it in the space of a song (aka in public fashion).

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