Justin Bieber, easily one of the most charitable celebs on the planet, has lent his good looking mug and his star power to a promotional campaign video for WeTopia, a digital game that allows users to play for good causes.

According to Oh No They Didn't, all ad revenue generated by the game is donated to charitable initiatives, while players earn "joys" that they in turn can donate. It's a passive way to do good.

In this clip, the Biebs introduces viewers to a drummer who lives in a Haitian orphanage that is able to operate due to the contributions made by WeTopia players. WeTopians can donate food, medicine, vitamins and more. The drummer fashioned his drum kit out of trash and ditched cans he found in the streets, so he is a man after Bieber's own heart, since he, too, was an aspiring drummer who had to learn to make due with little.

The charming Biebs reminds fans to play good with WeTopia. Wait until the very end of the clip for the outtake, where we see the teen playing WeTopia on his MacBook.

Get playing, Beliebers.

Watch Justin Bieber WeTopia Video