We all know Justin Bieber can sing, but now we are going to be able to get a taste of his rhyming skills with a feature spot on Chris Brown's forthcoming rap mixtape, 'Boy in Detention.'

"Did a lil something on the upcoming @chrisbrown mixtape.. Ladies love me. then we got crazy on the @asherroth album. #shawtymane," Bieber tweeted earlier this week. According to this tweet, Bieber not only lent his rhymes to Brown's mixtape, but he also worked with rapper Asher Roth on an upcoming project. It seems like Bieber is all about the hip-hop these days!

In case you were wondering about the "#shawtymane" hashtag Bieber added to his tweet, it's referring to his alter-rapping ego Shawty Mane. He released a rap under the pseudonym entitled 'Speaking in Tongues.' Shawty Mane shows off his swag in the studio as he spits lines like, "So I'm a raptor, tearin' it up like a tractor / Matter fact, I'm killin this track, you're a slacker / Sack like a sacker, hello Mr. Brady." OK ... These definitely aren't the best rhymes we've heard, so hopefully Bieber got some pointers before recording with Brown.

This isn't the first time Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have teamed up. At one of Justin Bieber's shows a few months back, Brown came out onstage to perform his rap track 'Look at Me Now,' with Bieber taking the reigns on Busta Rhymes' mile-a-minute verse. They duo also collaborated on the track 'Next to You' for Brown's 'F.A.M.E.' album and starred in the accompanying video.

Watch the Chris Brown 'Next to You' Video Feat. Justin Bieber