Get ready for some hits because Justin Bieber confirmed via Twitter that he and are working on a song together! Possibly for the Biebs upcoming album? We're guessing with such a huge collaboration, this song will definitely be hitting the airwaves as a big single, but time will only tell!

Lil Wayne also had big news this week (aside from the prison memoir he's writing) as he announced he's launching a clothing line called, 'Trukfit.' The rather unusual sounding name is actually an semi-acronym for The Reason You Kill For It. Can't wait to get your mitts on some of Weezy's duds? The line will be sold nationwide at Zumiez stores.

Lastly, we must send a huge congratulatory message to rap newcomer, J.Cole! Not only is his song 'Work Out,' awesome, but it's also been certified platinum! That's quite the feat! Way to work it out, Mr. Cole!