We love that Justin Bieber asked to be roasted on Comedy Central in honor of his 21st birthday -- and now TMZ is reporting that there may be an even deeper meaning behind it.

According to TMZ, the Biebs wants to use the roast as a platform to own up to his past behavior and start a new chapter in his life. Sources tell the site that he "views it as a form of therapy."

While we're taking this news with a grain of salt, we definitely think that the Comedy Central Roast is a great move for JB in many ways. Not only does it prove that he's willing to poke fun at himself, he's also a great sport with a pretty awesome sense of humor -- not to mention that it takes some serious guts to be able to sit there as comedians skewer you with jokes.

Plus, it already seems that Justin has turned over a new leaf recently. While he spent the better part of 2014 on the bad side of the press, he's already wowing us with new music, live performances and his incredible generosity. We're lovin' 2015 Bieber.

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