Hurricane Sandy brought death and destruction to the New York and New Jersey area, but while one Staten Island woman lost all of her belongings, she wouldn't let the storm break her Belieber spirit.

Laurie Gjenashaj lost everything during the history-making storm, but thanks to a vendor's kindness, she was able to recover her eight tickets to Justin Bieber's concert at Barclays Center on Monday (Nov. 12). “I’m homeless, I’m broke, but I’m here,” Gjenashaj told the New York Daily News.

The 37-year-old mother of two purchased the tickets when they first went on sale, but they were lost when her kitchen flooded. However, Gjenashaj was able to retain new copies of the tickets when the eBay vendor from which she bought them sympathized with her story.

“We are trying to provide as much normalcy as possible for the children,” Gjenashaj said. “I am here in donated boots.”

The Gjenashaj family purchased the Bieber tickets with family friends. They are all living together in the storm's aftermath. On Monday, three adults took five children to the Brooklyn show, and their excitement was displayed on a homemade sign that nodded to Bieber's 'As Long As You Love Me' lyrics. It read: “I don't know if this makes sense. Sandy made us homeless and broke but you're our hallelujah."

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