Merely hearing about a convicted killer's plot to castrate and kill Justin Bieber, which convict Dana Martin put in to effect from behind bars via accomplices last November, sent a ripple of chills down our spines.

We thought we heard it all until Martin spoke to Details about why he plotted to murder The Biebs and why he's not backing down. His main motive? "He changed, and that made me angry."


Warning – what you are about to read is not easy to digest. It's horrific and terrifying, as it offers a keyhole look into the mind of a killer. Proceed with caution.

Martin is on 23-hour-a-day lockdown in a New Mexico prison for his own safety. He was convicted of first-degree murder of a young girl in 2000, but denies that he raped her. He's been the recipient of prison justice for killing a kid, who was physically and sexually assaulted. Still, he seems disconnected from that crime since he is so focused on his new target.

Martin, who became a Belieber upon hearing his songs on prison radio in 2010, promises that notoriety or fame from slaughtering a celeb is not why he chose Bieber for a death sentence. "It isn't just so people will know who I am," he reasoned. "It's because he changed, and that made me angry."

That's an insane way of viewing The Biebs, since he is growing up. He is going to change and evolve, like any human being. He is just doing it with a spotlight on him. He is steadily crossing over into manhood. That cannot be stopped. But Martin wanted to stop it.

Here are some of the most spine-chilling things revealed about Martin in the profile:

  • Why He Loved Biebs: "He's an attractive kid, everybody knows that. Justin Bieber is warm and fuzzy. He's talented. I liked his music." Favorite track? 'Overboard.' He also said he loved how Biebs "purred" about loving his fans. Yes, our creep-o-meter just went off, big time.
  • His Attraction Is Not Just Sexual: He didn't like being probed about his feelings, but did say, "What are you trying to get me to say, that I love Justin Bieber and think he's gorgeous? He's a good-looking kid. Would I go to bed with him? Yeah. He's legal, so probably." Ding, ding on the creep-o-meter again.
  • Why He Is Jealous of Beliebers: Because of their lot in life as millennials, they can communicate with him via social media. So the very thing that brought The Biebs his fame is what keeps him apart from Martin, who said, "Anybody on the streets, all these girls that are his fans, can look at Bieber anytime they want to on their cell phones, they can read anything they want, they can tweet him, they know where he's going to be, they can go see him—just buy tickets and walk in. I can't do that." Yeah, bro, because you killed someone and are in jail, where you belong.

Clearly, Martin relates best to young people as opposed to adults, fitting the psychological profile of most predators who stalk kids and celebs.

Not being able to tweet, Martin was forced to write letters, admitting that he saw an interview where Biebs said he rarely received personal notes from fans since they tweet. He letter bombed Ellen DeGeneres, since she and Biebs are friends, and Island Def Jam. He realized that a prison address might get the notes trashed, but he beliebed, er, believed that Biebs, a Christian, would respond.

If Biebs replied, he was validated. Martin said, "I'm no longer a nobody. There's a certain validation that somebody like me would get if Justin Bieber was my friend."

Really? Really.

The Biebs' well-publicized changes began to take place, and that was the reason Martin stopped seeking his friendship and sought his death and testicles. He was turning 18, getting a Fisker Karma, dating Selena Gomez, developing a more urban image and lost his innocence, and Martin snapped. See the parallel. He relates to young and innocent people, and Biebs was no longer either.

His letter writing campaign continued, the tone getting increasingly angrier. He demanded a reply and included his rap sheet. There was no reply. And that's when he hatched the murder plot.

There are more details that are really disturbing. There is also a play-by-play as to why the plot, which Martin recruited two men to carry out for him, broke down. It's an enrapturing read, but you really should be 18 to read it and understand the power plays and psychology in place regarding how the plot was handled.

For his part, Martin says he would call off his crusade to end The Biebs' life if he or his manager Scooter Braun would meet with him, a face-to-face that seems highly unlikely.

"I've written to the district attorney saying that I'll plead guilty, I'll even testify against my two partners—I just want to have a sit-down with Justin Bieber," Martin says. "And they just won't do it. To them that's just bizarre."

He maintains that he has hitmen remaining on Bieber's trail and that he would like the singer to immortalize him in song. "That's not likely, is it?" he says. "Because this isn't going away. Do you really think that I would stop? Honestly? I tell people I'm not going to stop. And I'm not gonna stop. So if you're Justin Bieber, wouldn't you want to, like, do something to make this go away? Until something bad actually happens to him, they are going to treat it as 'Oh, Martin's just crazy, he doesn't have nobody.' I was kinda hoping that, with what I did, it would show them."

Somehow, we think The Biebs is grateful for Martin's 23-hours-a-day lockdown status.

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