To call this a "remix" is generous, but still. Justin Bieber tweeted a super short and seemingly impromptu video of himself singing his smash hit 'Boyfriend' with (his attempt at) a country twang, accompanied by friends and an acoustic guitar. So yeah, it's the country remix of 'Boyfriend.'

The clip is all of 15 seconds long and the multi-talented Biebs is having fun with his latest hit, but he is by no means pulling a Kelly Clarkson or a Jessica Simpson and trying to legitimately go country. Actually, the Biebs could effectively go country if he wished, since he did collaborate with powerhouse country trio Rascal Flatts in 2011. He even won a CMT Music Award for his effort, which was the song 'That Should Be Me.'

At the time, the Biebs said that he loves country music, a passion he picked up from his mom Pattie Mallette. So country fans should not be offended by the Biebs having a little fun and throwing around a few "yee haws" in this version of 'Boyfriend.' He trades the "swag, swag, swag" for the "yee haw!"

Da Biebs isn't the only pop megastar to offer up a countrified version of a pop hit. Lady Gaga did the same thing in March 2011, only she took it a step further. Ma Monster offered the 'Country Road' version of 'Born This Way,' which was a full version of the song and a legit remix.

We'd love to hear a full country remix of 'Boyfriend.' Bring it, Biebs.

Watch Justin Bieber Sing a Country Remix of 'Boyfriend'