Justin Bieber "shared" a Billboard cover with his mentor Usher last month. Make that "shopped" a Billboard cover with his mentor Usher last month, since it was a cut and paste patch job from two different photo shoots. Well, now the Biebs has his own cover of the industry trade. He's rocking it a la carte for the June 14 issue.

The Biebs is looking more adult and mature, wearing a beige sweater and tugging at a long necklace hanging from his neck. He's leaning forward and looks a wee bit confused, rocking a wide-eyed stare. Maybe he is confounded by his own success and his rapid growth spurt, musically speaking, and wearing it on his face, as an expression?

In keeping with the boxing theme that Bieber has adopted over the course of the past several months, the cover tag boasts the quote: "Everything I do, I do to be the greatest." It was boxing champ Muhammad Ali who proclaimed himself to be "The Greatest."

The Biebs will float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, for realz, on June 19, when 'Believe' drops.