Justin Bieber covers the new issue of Billboard, in grand, epic fashion. The cover shot and styling has all the makings of an iconic image of the Biebs.

The issue drops on Monday, Jan. 28, but a quote released from the feature indicates that the Biebs may have admitted that he mined his heartbreak regarding his split with Selena Gomez into his new 'Believe Acoustic' EP, which drops on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

We picked up what he was putting down, lyrically, on 'Yellow Raincoat' and 'Nothing Like Us.' Now he has actually made a statement that makes us think our speculation is true, regarding the actual breakup with Sel (which no one has ever confirmed) and about her being the inspiration. Sigh with a supersized side of sigh.

The Biebs told the trade paper, "I’m not in the happiest place that I’ve ever been."

So that feels like an acknowledgment.

He also tweeted an image of the black and white cover, making a simple statement about the interview.

Oh, Biebs, we want to scoop you up and wrap our arms around you and tell you that while there is no pain that cuts as deep as heartache, this, too, shall pass.

We also must point out that while personally, the Biebs isn’t in the best headspace, career-wise, he is firing on all cylinders. The Billboard cover, which shines a spotlight on him, speaks volumes to his booming career.

He's also on the stage, in denim and leather, which was his uniform for the 'Believe' cycle, singing to thousands of adoring fans, under the phrase "Justin Time." It's very Michael Jacksonian in its scope, as pop music needs a new king and the prince is ready to take the throne and make it his own. He's already usurped the Twitterverse and made it his fiefdom. Pop music as a genre is next!

So while Le Biebs may be nursing a broken heart, he's got a massive career ahead of him.

Chin up, Biebs. Let's hope Sel hears the new tracks and realizes you're aces, and begs you to take her back. Who breaks up with Justin Bieber and lives to tell about it? As if. That's a notion that just does not compute.

Let's hope his spirits are lifted when he takes the 'SNL' stage as host and guest!

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