Justin Bieber was snapped with Lil Wayne at a skate park in February, bonding over their passion for the sport. Now the 18-year-old pop star is dishing on the rapper's skateboarding skills and opening up about how they compare to his.

Biebs recently stopped by MTV to premiere his new 'Boyfriend' video, and during the interview with Sway, the singer revealed just how important skating is to Weezy.

"He just hit me the other night," Bieber said. "I was going to go to his video shoot he had. He was skating here [in Los Angeles]. I was gonna go skate with him, but it was like 4:30 in morning [when] he called me. So it was really too late for that. He's into skating, like that's his life."

When asked how the Canadian singer's skills compare to the Young Money rapper's, Bieber was very diplomatic. "I mean, it's different," he said. "I like more street stuff. He does a lot of vert stuff. Vert is like ramps and street is like rails and kick flips. [They're] different in their own right."

Well put, Biebs. Well put.

Watch Justin Bieber Talk About Lil Wayne's Skateboarding Skills