There's a new affliction going around called LHS, and it's affecting teenage girls across the country. LHS stands for "Lame Holiday Swag," and the only way to prevent it is to purchase Justin Bieber's fragrance Someday.

The latest comedic ad for Bieber's fragrance features the singer offering parents tips on how to keep their daughters from contracting the strange disease. He leans back in a leather chair and explains that the holiday season is "a time to chill, but also a time to prevent LHS."

"Symptoms can include a lame face, dry mouth, even hysteria caused from uncool swag," he continues. "But there is hope. It's called Someday. Someday is a breakthrough developed by me, for her. The joy of getting Someday protects your daughter from LHS for life."

The message could not be more clear. Moms and Dads, you only have a few more shopping days to purchase Someday and keep your daughter safe from LHS this Christmas!

Previous Someday promo spots have featured Bieber sitting down for a man-to-man chat with fathers and inviting users to upload their own photos into an interactive video. The teen star seems to have a gift for turning understated humor into a creative sales pitch.

Watch Justin Bieber's Lame Holiday Swag Promo