Justin Bieber helped his old pal Ryan Seacrest in his bid to generate 100,000 million views for his KIIS radio show YouTube channel by creating a viral video that would quickly rack up views! The Biebs used all the tried and true techniques that help looks accumulate fast. Puppies + Babies + Cover Songs + Dancing = Ultimate Viral Video Formula.

If anyone knows how to go viral, it's the Biebs. His career began on YouTube when his vids went viral and look at our hero today!

J to the B is the star of the vid, kissing super cute puppies, holding babies on his lap while they sneeze, dancing -- the moves are up, punch across, crank, stay down, should, chin, shoulder, double dream hands, by the way -- and performing a cover song.

"We need a cover song," Bieber proclaims to Seacrest. So he and an off-key vocalist cover Katy Perry's 'Part of Me.' It's awful, in an ears-bleeding kind of way, because the other guy is singing. At the end, Kathy Griffin shows up and then it's really a party!

The vid closes with Da Biebs shuffling like LMFAO. Sexy and viral and he knows it.

It has all the hallmarks of one of those vids you forward to your friends with an "OMG, you have to watch this! It's hilarious!" message.

Watch Justin Bieber in 'Ultimate Viral Video'