We know that Justin Bieber is a big name in show business, but does he really deserve to get his head cast in gold? If you answered "no" to that question, the sad news is that your opinion doesn't really matter, because Bieber's head has been sculpted into one of the creepiest and most elaborate statues we have ever seen -- oh yeah, and it's made of solid gold.

Justin Bieber has been immortalized once again, and this time around, the process was a lot more expensive that carving the 17-year-old out of wax. According to 1st Gold Bullion, the company that produced the ornate piece of craftsmanship, the sculpture of Bieber's head is worth $1.023 million dollars. His hair alone is estimated at worth a quarter of a million!

You have to commend the artists who sculpted the gold Bieber domepiece. It took 10 people to get to the finished product, and we have to say, it does resemble our boy Bieber! The bad news is that Bieber's face looks like something out of 'The Terminator' rather than the adorable singer many have grown to love. Not to mention that his hair looks like a motorcycle helmet.

We wonder what Justin's loyal fans, the Beliebers, will think about this. As for us at PopCrush, we can think of much more useful ways to use more than $1 million dollars worth of gold.