Oopsie daisy! Justin Bieber took a tumble down a flight of steps positioned on stage while performing 'Beautiful,' his duet with Carly Rae Jepsen, in Saskatchewan, Canada earlier this week.

You can see the fan-filmed footage of the fall from the Oct. 17 gig and it's certainly not graceful, but The Biebs was a pro and kept the show going, despite likely having both a bruised bum and a bruised ego. Falling in public is never fun. Falling in front of thousands of fans in your home country is even less fun, right?

Thankfully, The Biebs is okay and didn't sustain any major injuries or broken bones. The other piece of good news is that Beliebers can enjoy nearly two minutes of the teen and CRJ performing their light, airy, pretty song, since The Biebs trips at the very end of the video.

He stumbles and then slides down the steps on his butt, which was probably more embarrassing than it was painful.

He kept on going and even made a joke about, according to concergoers who witnessed his fall live and in the flesh.

Be careful on those steps, Biebs. You are precious cargo, kiddo.

There seem to be a few mishaps taking place on the Believe tour. The singer puked onstage in Arizona and then dealt with a stolen laptop in Washington. Bad things happen in threes, so let's hope this mini-tumble is the last of his tour "dramas," as it were.