Love. Beliebers. Hair. Those are the focal points of Justin Bieber's world. During a recent chat with Australia's Hitradio Ö3, The Biebs answered fan questions, one of which might upset his lady love Selena Gomez. One fan asked if he could ever fall in love with a Belieber, while another wanted to know details about his coif routine. Like we said, quintessential stuff in Bieberville.

For that first question about falling for a fan, Bieber was very diplomatic, saying, "Not yet — it hasn’t happened yet. But it could happen. You never know. Never say never!” Well played, Biebs. Sure, it might make Selena upset for a hot second, but she realizes she is dating the most worshiped teen idol on the planet and he has to keep the fans happy, so she understands the value of promotion, publicity and saying the right thing. He was also a little sheepish and offered a sly smile when answering that query.

He also said that styling his hair at this point "doesn't take long. It takes like five minutes. Before it used to take longer. I had to shake it out and blow dry it. Now I just put it up." The new look, minus the Bieber swoop bangs, sounds much less high maintenance.

The 'Boyfriend' singer once again addressed the paparazzi, realizing they are almost a necessary evil and that as a celeb, it's a fact of life has has to deal with. He said, "Paparazzi can be annoying, but they're just doing their job, and I get it. But there can be some mean ones for sure."

The Biebs says all the right things and 'tis just another reason why we heart him.

Watch Justin Bieber Talk Beliebers + Hair