Fresh off the news that his maternal grandparents are recovering nicely after being involved in a car accident in their native Canada, Justin Bieber further displayed his love for his extended family by sharing a photo of his younger siblings and their dad on Twitter.

The Biebs posted an "Aw" inducing shot of himself, his father Jeremy, little sis Jazmyn, who is 3, and little bro Jaxon, who is 2. The Biebs is holding Jaz and making a silly face at Jax, who is staring at him. How cool must it be to have The Biebs as a big bro? Clearly, this family has a thing for names that begin with the letter "J," too.

It's refreshing to see that The Biebs is close with his blended family and maintains a relationship with his father, even though his mother Pattie Mallette raised him as a single mom.

We can't gloss over the fact that The Biebs' dad is also incredibly young looking. They look like they could be brothers, don't they?

Thanks for sharing, Biebs!