Not only did Justin Bieber get a mega bucks expensive electric car for his birthday, which his manager gifted to him on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' but he also got a fan. That's right. One diehard Bieber fan was boxed up and shipped to the 'Ellen' set. But she didn't know that she would be presented to The Biebs, so was a good and trusting sport. She simply was told it was for the 'Ellen' show.

Ellen's peeps went to unsuspecting Sydney's home, "kidnapped" her, encased her in a big blue box that was drilled shut and drove her the set.

When Ellen opened the box and freed Sydney, she was shocked to be on the soundstage. She was full of wide-eyed wonder. Little did she know what Ellen had in store for her next. As if transporting her to a TV set wasn't shocking enough.

When The Biebs moonwalked onto the stage to greet her, Sydney was bewildered. She burst into tears and hugged The Biebs, telling him he's beautiful. Aw! He put his arm around her and was playful and respectful, which is why these teens go nuts over him.

Ellen makes dreams come true.

Now, we understand that there are several million teenage girls who would sever a limb with a crude instrument in order to swap places with Sydney or to have been afforded the opportunity she was (randomly) given. But we have to point out that Sydney was obviously in on some of the details, like she would be appearing on the 'Ellen' show as part of some crazy stunt. Her parents likely signed release forms, too. She probably didn't know what or how, and she clearly didn't know about The Biebs. Therein lies the spontaneity.

Watch Justin Bieber Get a Fan as a Gift on 'Ellen'