Take it off!

A fan at Justin Bieber's concert did just that when she launched an bra at the teen heartthrob while he was on stage in Cologne, Germany.

Perhaps the fan thought she might have a chance with Biebs now that he's single? If so, she's layin' it on pretty thick with the "Hi JB," bra. We're just wondering if this was a planned bra attack or could she just not handle herself anymore and had to really let JB know her real feelings...

Justin handled it like any other 19-year-old guy might, holding up the bra to his chest and telling the crowd, "This looks like it fits me," which obviously evoked quite loud shrieks from the thousands of young girls at the show. He then added, "I see a lot of beautiful girls in the audience," eliciting a reaction that would have blown out the eardrums of any innocent concertgoer.

We're finally glad to see that Justin is, in fact, having a good tour, despite all the things that have gone wrong internationally, like getting banned from a nightclub in Vienna and having his monkey confiscated by German customs. Not to mention the problems he's having back on the home front with his friends basically squatting in his mansion and throwing huge parties.