Drew Ryniewicz, a 14-year-old obsessed Justin Bieber fan from Chino Valley, Ariz., was brave enough to perform her crush's hit 'Baby' in front of L.A. Reid, the man who helped launch the Biebs' career. Her courage  on 'X Factor' paid off, as she was one of the standout performers on tonight's broadcast of the talent competition.

Prior to her audition, Ryniewicz was shown in her home, where she was staring at a Bieber poster she has in her bedroom. "I am hoping that this is gonna impress L.A. Reid," she said before taking the stage. "I feel like this is either the end of the world or the beginning of a whole new great world."

Ryniewicz told the judges that she changed 'Baby' and made it her own -- and she wasn't kidding. Her version of 'Baby' was simply mesmerizing. She slowed down the arrangement of the tune, and delivered it with a soulful elegance that belied her young age and made up for her slightly awkward stage presence.

Judge Nicole Scherzinger gave Ryniewicz a bit of a scare when she said, "I like the original version," before adding, "which is why it's so interesting that I prefer your version to his."

Simon Cowell said, "This is exactly what I wanted a 14-year-old to do on this competition. And Reid, whose words meant the most to Ryniewicz, told her, "That was so original and I love how you took it and really made it yours … You are special."

The young singer got a unanimous 'yes' vote from the four judges, and when she joined her family backstage, her father broke down in joy on his knees and held his hands to his face.

The future certainly looks bright for Drew Ryniewicz on 'The X Factor.'

Watch Drew Ryniewicz Perform Justin Bieber on 'Baby' on 'X Factor'