Yikes! A Justin Bieber fan tumbled out of a moving vehicle after spotting the 'Boyfriend' singer in Los Angeles today (Jan. 30). According to Just Jared, Justin reportedly saw Larry King on the street and stopped to talk to him when the fan caught sight of him and ran from her mom's car.

Sadly, it doesn't look like she got a chance to meet Justin because his car took off before she was able to get near him. The fan ran back to her own car, but her mom -- perhaps an overzealous Belieber in her own right -- began to drive away before her daughter was securely in the car, causing her to take a tumble and fall out of the car completely.

We sure hope the fan is alright after that, though we're sure the surge of adrenaline she was undoubtedly feeling cushioned her fall at least marginally. Check out the photo above to get the full effect and the sheer intensity of her devotion.

Who would you fall out of a moving vehicle for?

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