If you've ever wanted proof that you shouldn't mess with Beliebers, we've got it for you right here. According to Twitter users, Drake Bell's Instagram was hacked earlier today (Dec. 26) by a supposed Belieber who then proceeded to post photos and images of Justin Bieber on Drake's account with wild abandon.

To be fair, the buildup of animosity between Beliebers and Drake has been a slow and steady burn, so we can't say we're totally shocked that the tension eventually came to a head.

From what we can tell, the photos posted were pretty much meant to make Drake's Instagram look like a Justin Bieber fan page. And when you consider the amount of vitriol Drake has spewed in Justin's direction over the past year or so, it isn't hard to believe that a disgruntled Belieber decided to take things into his or her own hands and post the photos out of some light-hearted spite.

We have no concrete proof as to who hacked his Instagram, and aside from a few screencaps from fans who claim to have seen it, we're not totally sure as to what exactly happened. But Drake's Instagram is now private, and Beliebers all over the Internet are rejoicing in a small, perceived victory, even trending #DrakeBellsPassword on Twitter.

The reactions from Beliebers on Twitter have included:

What do you guys think of this?

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