Justin Bieber's 'Under the Misletoe' holiday album is not out until the end of October and already it's a bone of contention among Beliebers. The most recent drama?

Well, the fan resource and promo account Justin Bieber Army tweeted the good news that they were the lucky ones who got to hear the Christmas album early, and now a whole mess of Beliebers are furious, incensed, angered, and infuriated that they didn’t get to hear it as well. Since all Beliebers are equal, don't ya know?

The army's "offending" and pot-stirring tweet was as follows:"Just heard some songs off of @justinbieber's Christmas album....let me say IT IS INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. You are going to LOVE it." Sure, it's a fairly innocuous, promotional post on the surface, and it serves to promote the news that the album is "amazing" and get fans talking and excited about the release. But when you are a Belieber, you want an early taste of The Bieb's Yuletide cheer, too! You don't care if it's just a promo tool to get people talking. You want your taste!

Oh No They Didn't collected tons of the angry response tweets, where the fury was spewed, along with confusion, with Beliebers tossing around phrases like "unfair" and "all Beliebers are equal." The fact that people who run a fan site were given a sneak preview listen is not an indicator of superiority; it's an indicator of their power to spread the word! Looks like the mission was accomplished, as "All Beliebers are equal" become a Twitter trending topic.

At least it has caused a swell of digital activity around The Biebs and his holiday set.