Inspired by Justin Bieber's generous charity donations, Beliebers are gearing up to release a charity single just in time for their favorite popstar's 18th birthday.

In March, several Bieber fan clubs will join with the nonprofit Together We Rise and Brush Buddies (makers of the singing Bieber toothbrush) to put out the single, proceeds from which will go to Bieber's Believe charity drive.

The idea for the single came from a young lady named Vivian, who runs the fan club Justin Crew. "She approached it and she had a lot of fan support," Danny Mendoza, President and CEO of Together We Rise (an organization which helps to foster children in the U.S.) told MTV News. "Then she contacted me because she needed some guidance. We decided 'we'll help you do it.'"

Mendoza is very eager to honor The Biebs, as Justin has helped bring light to his organization's efforts in the past through Twitter. "It's a thank-you for helping us and we want to give back in [Justin's] honor."

So, what will a single sourced from Justin's millions-strong fan network sound like? We can't say for sure, but we're guessing it'll have something to do with the 'Baby' singer's gorgeous locks. "They're all working on pieces of the video and the lyrics," Mendoza said. "We're working on the back end."

Bieber has been a model for celebrity giving, and now his fans want to give him something. Awwwwwwww!