Two Justin Bieber fans got a little overzealous this past Saturday (Jan. 31), when they decided to trespass on Justin's private property. The two fans, who TMZ alleges were celebrating one of their birthdays, reportedly snuck onto Justin's estate after finding an open gate.

They soon found Justin on the property, hanging out with a few of his friends by his pool. Once Justin spotted the young fans, he allegedly called them out for trespassing and took away one of their cellphones. To be completely honest, we can't blame Justin for this one. It's a serious breach of privacy to sneak onto someone's private property, even if the girls meant no harm to him.

Justin reportedly did not call police or press any charges against the girls, who eventually returned to the house a few days later to get the aforementioned phone back.

What do you guys think? Was Justin in the right for calling the girls out and not calling the police?

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