Justin Bieber's electric car, a Fisker Karma, might be good for the environment but that doesn't make it exempt from tickets. The ride, which is finished in sleek, reflective chrome, has a row of fuchsia lights under the grill, which is big, fat, no-no, according to California law.

TMZ reports that in the Golden State, vehicles can only have white or amber lights facing forward. So the purple ones are a violation. Cops don't care that The Biebs favors purple. It's against the law.

But that's not all. The window tint is too dark, too.

Sounds like the Fisker Karma might have some bad, ticket-specific karma for the 'Boyfriend' singer.

If the cops pull him over, and chances are, they will, with a ride that screams "Look at me," as the Fisker Karma most certainly does. We predict that the violations will be noticed on the quick. The Biebs could be hit with a citation sooner than later.

He was seen squiring lady love Selena Gomez around town and to Chick-Fil-A in the vehicle last week.

Do you think The Biebs should pre-emptively change the lights and the tint to avoid a whole mess of tickets from the po-po?