Justin Bieber's rap skills are more or less like an urban legend -- or Santa Claus -- no one is willing to believe that the kid can rap until they see it with their own eyes. The Biebs popped into a radio station in the City of Sin recently, where he spit a few quick rhymes at the mic, proving that his skills are as real as the hair on his head.

It seems that Bieber stunned the folks watching in the studio with his quick tongue, rapping to the tune of Biggie's 'Who Shot Ya,' as he spurted words about being lost in life, comparing it to having paper without a pen. Even though the 17-year-old pop icon stumbled over himself mid-way, he managed to bring the flow back fairly quickly, clearly loving the attention from everyone in the room -- and those listening at home.

"Life is so short, but we take it for granted," Bieber 'sang,' speaking true words as he hopped back and forth between subjects. With his faith fresh on his mind this holiday season, he even took a moment to freestyle about his religion and how it plays into his uber success. "His hand is on my life and my sin just vanished / My filth washes off quick like her fake tan is / I am growing up quick like a grown man is / I'm gonna be set, so will my great grandkids / Swag," he rapped into the mic.

Before leaving the station, the DJ asked the 'Baby' singer whether he had anything else he wanted to say to his adoring fans. His answer? "Bieber swag"... Whatever that means.

Watch Justin Bieber Freestyle Rap