Justin Bieber is notorious for his ability to make little girls swoon with one flip of the hair swoop, but underneath his charming boy-like exterior, he's filled to the brim with swagger. The Biebs showed off his mad freestyle rap skills recently, using Jay-Z and Kanye West's iconic 'Otis' as a backtrack.

Biebs bounced in to the place "Where Hip Hop Lives" -- Power 106 in Los Angeles -- sporting just a top hat and a pulsating ego, likely to promote his hip-hop infiltrated new Xmas album. But we don't think even he anticipated what would happen once the station approved his request to spit a few rhymes.

Going in, the 17-year-old Canadian heartthrob looked a bit nervous. "Damn damn J.B., where the hell you been?" he asked himself in the lead-in, before gloating about his new diamond-encrusted chain necklace. He even gave listeners his whole life story in one quick tongue, rapping, "Makin' mama so proud that she cryin' / Yeah, you say I'm crazy / Guess that makes two / But I never knew that dreams really came true / Started playing drums when I was only two / Now I kick in in Japan, kung fu" like a true pro.

About a minute in, Bieber seemed to trip over his words a little, but told the deejay that he wasn't finished, as he swayed his head in thought. He then led into all of the things he's got, namely cars, girls and money, declaring that he's wise beyond his years and ahead of the game. As if we didn't know that the 'Baby' singer is rolling in style with ladies throwing themselves all over him. At one point, Biebs even tipped his fedora to Zack Morris and 'Saved By the Bell,' though he wasn't even born when the show was popular. He's just that good.

We have to give it to the kid, though -- he's come a long way in his career, and losing the chipmunk vocals was a healthy decision. You go, Biebs! You rock the rap game like a pro.

Watch Justin Bieber Freestyle Rap Over 'Otis'