Justin Bieber is taking the high road. While his ex-GF Selena Gomez said that she made him cry while on 'The Late Show With David Letterman,' The Biebs is not retaliating with insults and catty comments towards the singer/actress.

In fact, he's doing quite the opposite and has ordered his friends not to trash Gomez no matter what she says about him.

Let's hope he extends that edict to Beliebers – they are waaaaaaay craftier on the web and a whole lot meaner in their insults, especially to someone who dares to diss The Biebs. They do not take kindly to such injustices.

A source told Radar Online that The Biebs refuses to fight back and engage in a war of words with Sel, who did go below the belt with her crying comment on the late night talk show. Remember, Letterman joked that he made Da Biebs cry, and Sel slyly responded, "That makes two of us."

Biebs is aware that she is making not-so-nice comments, and "has ordered everyone around him not to fight back," the source said. The Biebs has deemed his ex "off limits" and he has told everyone to leave her alone.

His reasons? "He doesn’t want to fuel the fire and he just doesn’t want it to be that way with her," the insider with the intel said. The Biebs told his friends, "I don’t want anyone saying anything negative about her."

Perhaps The Biebs is still nursing a badly broken heart over Selena. Maybe he still loves her and this is a clever measure as part of his plan to try and win her back. Maybe he is being the bigger person and is choosing to demonstrate class, instead of sinking to her level.

By choosing to keep quiet instead of slinging mud, The Biebs looks like the more mature adult and Sel looks, well, bratty and catty.

If he keeps this up, she may have won a battle, but he'll take the war.

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