Justin Bieber got knocked out in Paris last night (May 31.) No, he wasn't messing around with his boxing pals Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather. The Biebs ran into a pane of glass while performing in Paris. But alas, he's okay, if a klutz.

TMZ spoke to the 'Die in Your Arms' singer, who revealed that in between songs, he walked backstage and smashed into the glass. He was disoriented, but he regained his composure and returned to the stage. What a pro!

"I was performing on tallest building in Paris," Biebs said. "There was a glass wall behind me and a railing behind the glass. I went to reach for the railing and hit my head on the glass. Me and glass windows don't go together." He's referencing the time he smashed his noggin in a glass revolving door, Beliebers.

"So I hit my head and after that, it really hurt and I felt lightheaded, but my adrenaline pushed me through it and I performed the last song," he continued. "After that, I went off stage and immediately felt weak and walked down the stairs and passed out for 15 seconds. I was not responsive. I opened my eyes, saw the doctor, who said I had a concussion, but to relax and have someone with me."

Bieber is doing better now, admitting, "I feel good. I have a headache, but I feel good. You have to laugh at yourself."

As for the assertion that he almost brought Norway to its knees, he exclaimed, "That was crazy. Things were insane. There were 25,000 girls surrounding my hotel. " Um, most 18-year-old boys would not consider that a problem.

The Biebs continued, "I had to go to a secret location or they'd cancel my show. It was pretty crazy. Norway has been waiting me for a long time. I've never been to Norway. When I finally came, they were waiting. Everyone told everyone and the word got out. Everyone took off school. It was nuts."

Loving the Biebs knows no bounds.

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