Justin Bieber wants your 'Girlfriend.' Calm down, teenage boys who happen to have Beliebers for girlfriends. The singer is not trying to steal your GF. He has his own named Selena Gomez.

In honor of his second, forthcoming fragrance 'Girlfriend,' he wants Beliebers to create their own version of his hit 'Boyfriend,' changing it to 'Girlfriend.' The prize is enough to make a fan shriek and pass out: the chance to meet The Biebs.

In a video message, the singer, wearing an oversized white t-shirt that reads 'Doing Real Stuff Sucks,' says,"My new fragrance is called 'Girlfriend' and I wanted to do this whole idea where my fans will basically take my song 'Boyfriend' and make it into their own 'Girlfriend' version. Make your own version, rewrite it however you want to. I'll pick the best one and fly that person out to one of my concerts and have a meet and greet and stuff. It'll be fun, so make your own video right now. And I love you."

Don't pass out, Beliebers, because your hero is offering a chance to meet him and because he said he loves you. Get to work creating your own swagged out version of 'Girlfriend.' Swag is crucial. Na na na na, yeah, girl!

Below is The Biebs' tweet about how the new scent is incorporated into his upcoming NBC special.

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