Justin Bieber smashes glittery skins and cymbals in a new set of videos for Adidas NEO, the youth-directed apparel brand which the stylish singer reps.

The Biebs has always been vocal about his humble beginnings as a drummer and he shows off his talents as a musician (as opposed to just being a singer) here.

Things get glittery as sparkly stuff sprinkled all over the instrument goes airborne while The Biebs plays. It feels like New Year's Eve for a hot minute.

Can you feel how The Biebs plays with passion?

Another video takes fans on the set of the drum video, as The Biebs gets ready to find the beat.

Both clips are short and sweet but they offer a glimpse into The Biebs' rhythmic abilities.

All told, it's about a minute of footage, but 60 seconds of composite clips of The Biebs are worth a lifetime.

Watch Justin Bieber Adidas NEO Video