Move the heck over, Lady Gaga.

Justin Bieber is encroaching in on your previously occupied turf. The Biebs follows Gaga's Google Chrome commercial with one of his own.

Honestly, though, the Biebs is not much different than Gaga in that he also used the digital space to his full advantage and as a vehicle to grow his art and his fanbase. Bieber shot to fame by uploading videos of himself performing on YouTube -- and a digital star was born!

The commercial chronicles the Biebs growing from small-town musical Canadian kid to an international pop superstar, as it shows him uploading clips, responding to fan comments and posting videos. He even had bangs way back when. Aww.

The Biebs is true web celeb and this video reminds us of that, while the instrumental melody of his super smash 'Baby' plays in the background before escalating into the full blown chorus. Again, the escalating music is an example of his escalating fame.

If you don't "belieb" in the power of the web after this commercial and after Gaga's ad, as well, then you are a dinosaur! The overarching theme with these commercials is that with the web, anything is possible. Even superstardom. And hey, you read this post because of the power of the web, right?

Watch the Justin Bieber Google Chrome Ad