Backstage at the Z100 Jingle Ball on Friday (Dec. 7), the dissed-by-the-Grammys Justin Bieber chatted with JJ from the radio station, wearing more gold chains than Mr. T. or Ricky Rozay. Again, there will be no Grammy gold for the Biebs in 2013, but he is making up for it with the bling.

Check out those studs in his ears. That ice ain't cheap. We can tell that Biebs is sporting several bills in jewelry.

His manager Scooter Braun popped into the interview -- he's a mini celeb himself -- to address the hoopla over his Twitter rant regarding Bieber walking away from the Grammy nominations with a big, fat goose egg earlier this week.

When asked "How burnt up are you?" about the snub, Braun took the lead and answered. "Honestly, I really wasn't," he said, in a move that felt a bit like backpedaling  since his tweets seemed genuinely bummed about his client's exclusion from what is touted as "Music's Biggest Night."

Braun continued, "It wasn't a burnt up thing. It was very simple. I stated my opinion. People were writing and asking. I said what I thought. The headlines in the press were about this 'fury.' I think he is very talented and in years to come, we will win many Grammys."

That's what we said!

The Biebs ain't going anywhere, and he has plenty of Grammy gold on the horizon. You can bank on that.