There are a few ways to rile up Beliebers. One, is to tell them that their beloved 'Baby' singer has shaved his head. Two, is to tell them that Justin Bieber is getting a grill put on his teeth. Hold on to your seats, girls -- the second one is true.

Ben Baller, who runs Internally Flawless & Co., tweeted on Sept. 1 that he was fitting the 17-year-old superstar for a set of mouth diamonds. "Guess who's getting a grill made? @JustinBieber" he said, followed by some more information. He added, "He gettin 6 teeth all diamonds! Swag."

However, in a blog post detailing his Bieber experience, the grill maker -- who has fitted gold teeth for Drake, Michael Jackson and Kim Kardashian -- included a little disclaimer to distraught Beliebers:

disclaimer: TO ALL THE BILLIONS OF JUSTIN BIEBER FANS (I do NOT make permanent grills, I only do the ones that are removable, you can put them on and take them off within seconds and they’re for fashion and fun. relax, your little heart throb is not ruining anything) ok

So, as it turns out, the Biebs isn't glitter-fying his pearly whites afterall -- at least not for good. Baller added later, "THE GRILL AGAIN IS REMOVABLE AND WAS MADE FOR A HALLOWEEN COSTUME THAT JUSTIN HAD IN MIND. I don’t even make grills anymore unless its for someone really special. and obviously, this is someone special. so I’m gonna swag it the f--- out!"

The Biebs, who has had his teeth straightened with invisalign in the past, wasn't the only one being fit for a grill mold. He was joined by his good buddy Sean Kingston. We can't wait to see what kind of Halloween costumes these guys have in mind!

Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston Get Grills from Ben Baller