The Biebs and the Becks. Their nicknames are ripe for a reality show and who knows? They just might get one. Victoria Beckham, aka Mama Becks, revealed in the April issue of Vogue that the boys in her brood, which consists of Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 9, Cruz, 7, along with sole daughter, Harper, 8 months, have a famous playmate -- and it's none other than Justin Bieber.

The Beckhams previously admitted they wanted to invite the Biebs over to lunch, but apparently, it's gone beyond that.

That's right. In addition to getting guitar lessons from the Wanted and football tips from Tom Brady, the Patriots QB, who boasts not one, not two, but three Super Bowl rings, the Bros. Beckham were able to visit Biebs while he was in the studio recording. After the visit, Bieber gifted the boys with autographed guitars, but whoever sent them out committed a major faux pas. Romeo's guitar was signed to 'Pax,' which is the name of one of Brangelina's sons! Oops.

Ma Beckham admitted, "So we got one of the Jolie-Pitts’ guitars." Ah, nothing a little Sharpie action can't fix, right? The Beckhams' lives may be charmed, but they're not perfect, as this guitar mix up proves.

Does anyone know where we can fill out an application to be a Beckham offspring? Those kids lead the life. Little Harper stands to inherit the world's most fashionable closet, too. We want to be Beckhams and hang with the Biebs.