It's not easy to guess who Justin Bieber is talking about in his new song 'Heartbreaker.' It's pretty obvious that he's addressing his high profile ex, Selena Gomez.

The fact that he laments about how it is hard for them to get time alone, because everyone is around, makes it clear that he is not talking about friends or family. He's talking about the paparazzi, press and fans. We can't see Biebs going to subtext route here. It's plain as day.

"Any chance that you could take my call (take my call) / If I got you today / You say that you don't wanna talk but it's cool / I've been thinking about you all day long, hoping you pick up your phone."

The Biebs sings about how he is desperate to hear from his ex. He can't focus or function and is obsessed with hoping that she will respond to or acknowledge him. It's a rare vulnerable moment for the swaggy singer. He isn't interested in dating Darwinism or the thrill of the chase. He isn't playing games. But is she? The refusal to speak to him is pretty frigid.

"Oh girl I got a secret place that we can go / 'Cause I really wanna be alone / And baby nobody else gotta know / Just meet me later on the low" and "Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker / 'Cause girl, my heart is breaking."

Next, in a key section of the song, he reveals that he is also desperate for alone time and face time with her, so that they can look in each other's eyes. It conveys the mounting frustration he experiences as he is unable to get quality time with her, be it on the phone or in person. He is not above begging for it. There's also that volley of words that makes you wonder just who is calling who a "heartbreaker."

"And I know the seasons may change / But sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain / But I'm under this umbrella and I’m calling your name / And you know I don’t wanna lose that."

What a clever turn of phrase from the teen! The Biebs talks about seasons changing -- i.e., their romance -- and then invites her under his umbrella, Rihanna style. It's pop music being self-referential. He wants to weather the storm with her.

Could these lyrical phrases melt the ice on Selena Gomez's heart? Come on, guys! This song is so about her.

PopCrushers and Beliebers, what do you think about 'Heartbreaker'? Is it about Selena Gomez? Is our assessment on point, or is that just too obvious? Do you think that Bieber is singing about someone else? And please, Beliebers, don't claim he's singing about you. Let's get critical here!