Justin Bieber has employed plenty of high-profile guests for his first holiday platter 'Under the Mistletoe,' which lands in stores and at digital retailers on Tuesday, Nov. 1. For 'Home This Christmas,' The Biebs utilizes the talents of multi-platinum, pop-country trio the Band Perry.

This is not the teen's first partnership with a country threesome; he's worked with Rascal Flatts in the past. The Biebs knows no boundaries when it comes to genres, even on a holiday set.

The Biebs and the Band Perry harmonize perfectly on this twangy ballad. Bieber's smooth voice pairs nicely as a contrast against the husky, raspy emoting of TBP's Kimberly Perry and the softer renderings of her brother. It's the three-part harmonies that give this sweet song wings.

This is The Biebs and the Band Perry's version of a song about trying so hard to be with the ones you love during the holidays! They sing, "I'll be waiting under the mistletoe / While you're driving here through Christmas snow / Baby think of me if it helps you get home / When the only gift that I really need / Is to have your arms wrapped around me." It's a universal sentiment about how home is the only place you want to be on Christmas morning.

Give the tune two or three listens and it'll have you wanting to lay down by the fire and engage in all that fun holiday romance.

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'Home This Christmas' Feat. The Band Perry