Oops! Justin Bieber might be one of the most famous teens in the world but he is still just that: a teen. He does make mistakes and currently, he is coming under fire for referring to Indonesia as a "random" country during a promotional listening event for 'Believe' in London.

According to FOX News, The Biebs was discussing one of the songs on the record, due out June 19, saying that it was recorded in a "random country." His watchful manager Scooter Braun added that the song was produced in Indonesia.

The Biebs also said, "I recorded it in a studio. Some little place. They didn't know what they were doing." Keep in mind he was referring to the facility, not the country with that second part of his statement. Still, it was a bit dismissive and insensitive.

That was a bit of a verbal faux pas on his part, and he was quite dismissive, but remember, he's just a kid who is famous and might not be up on his geography. Everyone makes mistakes. The Biebs should issue a quick apology tweet and be a bit more careful when he refers to other countries.