Justin Bieber is a funny bloke. The 18-year-old singer recently sat down for an interview with London's Capital FM, which he conducted entirely with a British accent.

The teen superstar was performing at the station's 2012 Summertime Ball, but before hitting the stage, he popped in for a quick backstage Q&A. "Make some noise for Justin Bieber!" DJ Will Cozens said, making the 'Believe' singer promise to keep the accent throughout the whole interview.

"This is just how I talk," Bieber said, playing along. He continued to talk about a lost Rolex, as well as his Summertime Ball set, which would include 'Boyfriend,' 'All Around the World,' 'Somebody to Love' and a surprise performance by his first record label signing, Carly Rae Jepsen.

Bieber's accent was quite impressive, and he only broke once, claiming he couldn't keep it up any longer. Cozens pressed him to continue, and the Biebs powered through. He answered a few fan-submitted questions, and admitted that he'd like to "win a Grammy" and act in more movies this year.

Of course, the Canadian singer will have plenty on his plate in 2012. His third album, 'Believe,' arrives on June 19, and his North American tour kicks off on Sept. 29.

Watch Justin Bieber's Capital FM Interview