Wanna OD on cuteness? Then check out these photos of Justin Bieber on vacation with his little brother Jaxon and little sister Jazmyn.

Cannot. Handle. It.

The Biebs clearly is in love with being an older brother to his dad Jeremy's other children, as you can see from these photos of them playing, hanging out (literally), snuggling and sleeping.

Little Jax and Jaz are going to be serious heartbreakers, just like their older brother.

We are not sure where the Biebs is sunning and funning at, but he did indicate that he was on vacation with the fam and that his Internet service sucked as he attempted (and failed) to pull off a chat with fans on the same night as the Grammys.

It didn't fail because Beliebers were all caught up in Music's Biggest Night but because so many fans wanted to talk to the teen that they broke the Internet and the web was ill-equipped to deal with a Biebs-hosted event.

The Biebs was pretty PO'ed at the Grammys for the big snub, where 'Believe' was ignored completely by voters and the organization.

At least the singer can enjoy some time off with family to help numb the sting over being dissed by Grammy gold.


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