Word spread quickly in the Bieberverse when Justin Bieber hit the studio with Kanye West to lay down a track for 'Believe.' The Biebs gushed about working with Yeezy (aka Mr. Kim Kardashian) saying, "everything he says, he means it."

In his post-'Boyfriend' premiere chat, the Biebs told MTV that West wanted to inject his music with an elevated level of cool. "Basically, [Kanye] was just talking about going out of the box and doing things that are different," the singer said. "'And he's like, 'I want to just make you cool.' He wants to just basically do records that people wouldn't necessarily think I would do."

Bieber further gushed about 'Ye's boundless talents, saying he is "so creative and everything he says, he means it, and he's just really smart ... I think it's always great to get into the studio with those people."

West was also supportive, as opposed to critical, of what the singer was doing during their studio time together. "He never gave me advice on my rapping, but every rap record that I played him, he's like, 'Yo, that's your best one!' He's never said, 'I don't like that.' He's always been super supportive," the Biebs shared. #Bros4life, it'd seem.

Bieber also spoke about West's newly budding relationship with his "pal" Kim Kardashian, saying that West is "just taking my women," since the Biebs admitted to crushing on the reality show starlet. "She didn't even call me! It was crazy," Bieber joked about finding out that Kimye were together.

He also shared that the Mariah Yeater-influenced song on 'Believe' is his 'Billie Jean,' referencing one of Michael Jackson's most famous (and similarly minded) songs. "I'm just talking about what's relevant in my life and different stories that have come out," he elaborated. "I've talked about that on my album: different situations that I've been in and things that I'm feeling. That's what I wanted to talk about."

He continued, "The whole baby situation, where they said I had her baby -- totally not true by the way -- [I] wrote a song about that, so that's on there. It's like my 'Billie Jean.'"

We love that he said "I had her baby," which is, you know, not anatomically possible, but we get what he mean. In a gold-digging move, it was Yeater who accused the Biebs of knocking her up, which thankfully did not tarnish his good name.

The singer is demonstrating a whole new level of maturity and self-awareness with 'Believe,' saying, "At the end of the day, I'm human," he added. "I want to talk about that. That's kind of what my whole motive is with this album."

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